Nikka Miyagikyo

Nikka Miyagikyo

Nose Soft and sweet, with fruit and floral notes. Elegant aromas of fresh flowers, soft fruit and some candied orange peel.
Palate Slightly richer on the palate, with toasty, roasted nuts and ripe fruits. There’s some darker, more complex notes too, in the form of chocolate, along with candied fruit and some honey.
Finish The fruity, floral notes dominate, ably supported by a touch of toasty oak and spice. Very well balanced and approachable.
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Miyagikyo distillery is located close to the city of Sendai on the main island of Honshu. The distillery is the larger of the two Nikka distilleries, with an annual production capacity of two million litres. Although much of the whisky produced here is for Nikka’s house blends, the single malts of Miyagikyo have a cult following and growing reputation among Japanese whisky enthusiasts and have been compared to whiskies from the Speyside region of Scotland – sweet, fruity and mellow.

Miyagikyo distillery was built in foothills of the Miyagi region within a wide forest valley at the junction of two rivers – the area is renowned for pure air and clean, fresh water. It was these qualities, considered ideal for the production of whisky, which convinced Taketsuru to build his second distillery here after three years of searching. The Miyagikyo distillery was built in 1969, in the heart of this natural environment, from which the whiskies draw their softness, elegance, and purity.

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